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Happy Anniversary, Pinoy Organics!

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Time flies. Fast.

We still can’t believe that a year have passed. This afternoon, we were organizing our photo albums and were amazed by the number of people we have met, places we have visited, lives we have touched and new opportunities and challenges along the way. Indeed, it was a fruitful and blessed first year.

We have visited almost one farm a month, attended over a dozen events related to organics, met in person almost a thousand new acquaintances, photographed over 5000 images, shot over two dozen videos and have posted almost a hundred articles. All in the span of 365 days.

We decided that the best way to celebrate our anniversary is by giving back to our community. Two weeks ago, we kicked off our one-month anniversary celebration aptly called “Pinoy Organics Revolution 2010” at Mercato Centrale. This weekend will be the grand finale of our celebration.

Solraya Sunshine Chicken

On Saturday, Sandy Itchon of Solraya Enterprises will conduct a talk/demo on “Raising Free-Range Chicken in the City”. I have always been curious if this is possible and I’m sure, even kids would love this talk.

On Sunday, we are staging our “Market-to-Plate Tour: Mercato Centrale Edition”. Market-to-Plate Tour was launched last summer in Alabang. It is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It is a creative food and travel event where consumers are taught about the basics of organics, get a chance to meet/greet their local farmers, producers and green entrepreneurs, and learn how to cook these organic ingredients via cooking demo. If time permits, tour includes workshops about growing their own and the 3Rs (reuse, reduce, recycle).


The first cooking demo will be GCIC’s Chef Rupert Carandang and their student-chefs. They will show us how to use organic ingredients available in the market in cooking Pinoy heirloom recipes. They will be preparing about 3-5 dishes and as requested, these dishes may be served in parties and special occasions.

Chef Myke Sarthou

The second cooking demo will be our guest chef, Myke Sarthou of Tatungs resto in QC to do a cooking demo using organic ingredients, but this time, he will be using them to create modern dishes.

In between these activities, we will raffle organic/natural products from our partner-producers: Leyende, Messy Bessy, Indigobaby and others. Pamora Farms, Costales Farms and Herbana Farms will be providing the ingredients for our cooking demo.

So invite your family and friends! To reserve a slot/seat, please email us your names at

Can you suggest some farms to visit, activities and/or projects for Pinoy Organics in 2011?


9 Responses to “Happy Anniversary, Pinoy Organics!”
  1. solraya says:

    Jhoey I can assist you in farm tour and seminar activities.


  2. PinoyOrganics says:

    Thanks for your support, Sandy! You are heaven-sent. 😉

  3. PinoyOrganics says:

    You are welcome, Sandy. I am humbled by your generosity, kindness and your passion. Looking forward to more collaborations and partnerships. 😉

  4. More green, healthy, earth-friendly, abundant, and blessings-filled years to come!

  5. PinoyOrganics says:

    Thanks Dennis!

  6. carina g. says:

    Hi,I will be in philippines this april.Can you verify if the weekend markets for sat and sun are open on april 23 and 24 since its going to be a good friday!if so,which locations are open and their address pls?thanks,carina

  7. PinoyOrganics says:

    Most public and esp weekend markets are close during Holy Week. There will be some that will be open on Easter Day.

  8. carina g. says:

    Thank you for your quick response.I havent been to any markets at all so could you pls give me a few tips on how the surroundings of each would be like in legaspi,salcedo,mercato,sesou.and im interested on going to a market that has many organic stalls and a wide varieties to choose from.thank you!

  9. PinoyOrganics says:

    Carina, I encourage you to go yourself and explore the diverse offerings of each weekend market. Visit one market per weekend. Don’t forget to share with us your discoveries. Enjoy!

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