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Rub It In

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During the recent 3rd Pinoy Organic Festival, we met Fernando “Dhing” Simon, producer of Yamanko natural/ herbal products.

Their top bestselling product is the Yamanko Natural Roasted Sea Salt. When we asked him if his salt was all natural and/or organic, he claimed that his roasted sea salt may be considered organic since it is sourced from within their own property located at a protected salt marshland near the China Sea in Sta. Cruz, Zambales.

Yamanko Sea Salt

According to the product brochure Dhing handed to us, sodium maybe beneficial to persons with diabetes, diarrhea, adrenal exhaustion, cystic fibrosis, asthma, leg cramp, tooth and gum disorders, dehydration, fever and polio. It promotes growth of nails and hair. Other benefits are:

For Facial and Hair Rinse

1 tsp roasted sea salt
2 L warm water
Mix together; rinse after bath

For Foot Spa

2 tbsp roasted sea salt
2 L warm water
Mix together; use for foot spa

For Cough

4 pcs calamansi juice
1/8 to 1/2 tsp roasted sea salt
1 cup warm water
Mix together for gargle

By default, natural sea salt is considered organic. If you are looking for “certified organic” sea salt, you can check out international certifying groups such as Nature & Progres and BIO-GRO. These groups guarantee organic sea salt depending on how you harvested and produced your salt. Ideally, the sources of salt are located in a nature reserve, without risk of pollution, and produced strictly by hand, without purifying the salt. Unfortunately, some of the salt available in the wet markets and groceries are bleached chemically and/or harvested from polluted sources.

So next time you need a natural, all-around seasoning or remedy, try Yamanko Roasted Sea Salt. We immediately used it with freshly ground black pepper as a “rub” on our chicken and our boneless Bangus. Both tasted good.

Yamanko Products

Other Yamanko bestselling products are the Natural Blue Nectar Extract and their Pili Oil with Mixed Herbs.

Do you have a salt-remedy recipe that you can share with us at Pinoy Organics, too?

Contact: Fernando “Dhing” Simon
+632 363 5112
+63918 726 6464


2 Responses to “Rub It In”
  1. Flynn says:

    I use sea salt (non-iodized from Healthy Options) for my daily nasal irrigation. Nasal irrigation is a safe procedure to prevent allergy rhinitis (the common runny nose and clogged nose due to allergens). I use a pinch of sea salt with 200ml of warm water.

  2. PinoyOrganics says:

    @Flynn Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Our children grew up with Salinaise nasal drops but nasal irrigation is far better. For those who are wondering what we’re talking about, google “nasal irrigation” or “neti pot”. This is my first line of prevention against rhinitis, colds and flu.

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